Take The Next STep.

Just like life, joining a church shouldn't be confusing. Whether you are visiting or making the decision to become a part of our family we wanted to make it as easy as possible. You can learn about and join our church in 3 easy steps. 

   1. Visit: Come and see who we are and what we are about. 

    A. Visit Our Vimeo Page: Experience what we preach

     B. Visit Our Sunday Core Group: Experience us on mission

2. Vet: Make sure we are the right church for you.

A. Read Our Beliefs Page: Understand What We Believe

                                  B. Read Our Commitment to You Page: Understand How We Will Serve You.

                                  C. Read Our Expectation of You Page: Understand what would be expected of you. 

                                  3. Verify: That God is calling you to join our family. Your verification is your

                                                   wholehearted commitment to becoming a family member of Christ Centered Church

                                         and allowing us to transparantely and vulnerabily become a part of your life.  

        A. 1st Stage of verification: Fill out a membership application.

                                                           B. 2nd stage of verification: Meet with an elder to discuss and make your membership final.