Current INitiatives. 

Take a look below to see all the Culture Changing Initiatives our church is participating in at the moment. 

  • Healing Together Initiative: We need your help! 

    Pastor Darren has made a special video asking for your missional support and service with our Culture Changing Initiative: Healing Together. People shouldn't be trapped in the bondage of their trauma, they should experience the freedom of healing. Help now! 

  • Healing Together: Church SPonsored Trauma COunseling Referral form. 

    You can participate in this initiative in 3 ways. 

    1. Refer a person, couple, or family for trauma counseling

    2.Make a donation throough our genorosity page to help sponsor trauma counseling for a person, couple, or family. Please put Healing Together Initiative in the comment section of your gift. 

    3. If you are a liscenced, experienced, and insured counselor you can participate by offering your counseling services to a person, family, or couple seeking trauma counseling.